What is a Fresh 48 Photo Session?

A lot of people have been asking lately, “What is a Fresh 48?”  A Fresh 48 Session, sometimes known as a First 48,  is when a professional photographer documents the newness of an infant, within the first few days 48 hours after birth.  This documentation usually occurs at the location of the birth, whether that be at the hospital, a birth center, or at home.  This is a great option for parents who want to capture those immediate newborn details, but prefer their privacy during labor and delivery.

Fresh 48 Photography Sessions are also great for families that are interested in Birth Photography, but don’t have the budget for it.   The fees are often much more affordable because Birth Photographers need to charge for their on call time.  There are a few other differences, as well.  Birth photographers will usually photograph the birth from active labor, until shortly after the birth, resulting in many more hours of coverage.  However, if the baby is born in the middle of the night, the photographer isn’t responsible for sticking around or coming back to capture those adorable moments of the siblings meeting the new baby.

collage of fresh 48 images. Each photo has an older sibling meeting their new baby sibling for the first time.

Your older children may be young enough to never remember a life without siblings, or they may have been asking for a little brother or sister for a long time. Either way, their reactions are priceless!


If you already have kids, you may be relying on other family members to take care of your children during the birth.  If you haven’t become parents yet, then I’m sure you’ll be excited to see your parent’s faces when they first see you as a new mother or new father.  For these new grandparents, witnessing life come full circle, and “their baby, having a baby”, is such an emotional moment!

New grandmothers enter hospital room as they are about to meet their newest grand baby. Tears of joy as they show their excitement.

Newborns change so quickly, that they often look so different within a week of birth!  Fresh 48’s are a great way to beautifully capture all of those little baby details that will change by the time you get home.  The “milk spots” on their tiny nose, freshly clamped umbilical cord stump, their overgrown fingernails, and that wisp of hair that stands on end or curls a bit differently that first day or two.

Fresh 48 photo collage of detail images. Photos include tiny baby toes, baby rolls, umbilical cord stump.

Fresh 48 photos of newborns hair.

They say that if you have heartburn during pregnancy, you’ll have a hairy baby! My babies were bald and I always love to see how much hair a baby will be born with.


Fresh 48 photos of newborn hands.

One of the most important aspects of a hospital or home birth session, is the parents with just the infant.   I’m always sure to capture that special bond that happens between a momma and baby, and a daddy and baby.   As new parents, we anticipate what life will be like caring for someone else.  After that first child, we anticipate how we’ll ever balance life with more than one child.  We wonder if the siblings will get along, and we hope they’ll be lifelong friends.  For months, we anticipate what this new human will be like.   One thing is for sure, our lives change forever when we grow our families.

Birth is often chaotic and exciting, so it’s no surprise that there can be this moment of…. awe.   That moment when you sitting quietly in the room where everything changed, and take it all in.  This is your heart, outside of your body.  This is part of you.

collage of fresh 48 photographs of mother with newborn, and father with newborn.

What’s even better than knowing you’ve created this tiny human, is that you’ve done it with this incredible partner.  The experience of childbirth is so bonding, and really can give you a sense of appreciation for each other…

fresh 48 collage of photos. New parents admire each other and their newborn.

If you are interested in a Fresh 48/ First 48 Hospital or home birth session, I’d be honored to document your special moments.  Those days are so hazy, and rightfully so.  Allow yourself to rest, and be in the photos as a family.  Please give me a call to see how I could help you!  419.231.1174


Ashley Short Photography serves all of Northwest Ohio and Northeast Indiana, as well as some parts of Southern Michigan.  (Services include, but are not limited to, Archbold, Wauseon, Defiance, Toledo, Sylvania, Napoleon, Bryan, Bowling Green, Montpelier, Fort Wayne, Angola, Auburn, Hillsdale, Adrien, Ann Arbor.)

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