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    Hi!  I’m Ashley Short, a maternity and birth photographer based in Northwest Ohio.   A lot of people would say I’m a “crunchy” Stay-at-home/Work-at-home mom. Don’t worry- if you’re not crunchy,  I won’t make you drink my green smoothie!   In the summers, you’ll find me floating in my parent’s pond and trying to keep up with my garden in NW Ohio.  When the colder weather comes, my fuzzy blanket and warm drink in a handmade mug will make me happy!


    I earned my Associated of Applied Science, with a concentration in Portraiture, at a private photography school learning all about f/stops, broad lighting, and proper posing.  While I truly appreciate knowing how to make any body type look it’s best, I’ve come to understand that what really matters is knowing that my clients have become my friends, and these friends trust me to document their most vulnerable moments.


    After years of serving women as a birth photographer, I couldn’t deny my “Doula Heart” anymore, and became a Certified Birth and Bereavement Doula through StillBirthday.   Having this education to empower and support mothers in so many ways has provided my clients with seamless support during their labor and birth, whether I’m serving as a doula, birth photographer, or both.


    I live my life for my family, and if you’re a mom, I bet you know what I mean.  Becoming a mother changed not only who I am, but why I am a photographer.  Both of my births have been documented with professional photography, and those images have shown me love and healing through the years.  The images that I have breastfeeding my children are ones I look back on and see something pure, where we were untouched by time.  As my children grow older, those images grow more and more valuable.  I’d love to provide those images for you.


    Let’s fill our mugs with our favorite drinks and talk about what I can do to help you stop time, just long enough to hang a portrait on your wall.


    Call now!  You can reach me at 419.231.1174.


    Portrait of NW Ohio


    • Nichole

      I’m wondering about the pricing and process of birth photography. I’m not sure on how it works since I don’t know exactly when it will happen. My due date is January 24th and will be at the toledo hospital.ReplyCancel

      • ash.short@yahoo.com

        Nichole, I would love to talk to you about your birth! Please contact me through the email option or telephone (419-231-1174) and I’d be happy to answer your questions! 🙂ReplyCancel

    • Megan Thomas


      I was curious about your newborn photography pricing. Could you send me your packages?

      Also, I’m due Monday…so do you have availability coming up?


      • ash.short@yahoo.com

        Hi, Megan! I will try to email you at the email account you signed in with. If you don’t receive it, please give me a call! 🙂ReplyCancel

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